President's Message

Many years ago, a very good friend of mine returned to the Maryland senior care and services field after having spent several years involved in another endeavor. To celebrate his return to the field, he sponsored an advertising campaign entitled, "Who Says You Can't Come Home Again?"

Several weeks ago in a telephone conversation, he reminded me about the advertising campaign, when the announcement was made that I would be returning to again be part of LifeSpan, the Beacon Institute, and LifeSpan Products and Services. His point resonated with me. Sometimes you can come home again. I have often said that the field of senior care and services is where you will find the best people that you will ever meet. Through self-selection, the field is comprised of people who care very deeply about each other as well as the older adults that they serve. That was true from 1998-2006, while I was part of LifeSpan and the Beacon Institute, and it is still true today. It's what attracted me to the field originally, and it is what has kept me in the field for more than 20 years and counting.

Over the past several weeks, I have been humbled and amazed by the number of emails, phone calls, and Facebook and LinkedIn messages I've received wishing me well in my new role. I've been made to feel welcome by the very same people that I mentioned above, including providers, associates, board members, and staff . . . leaders in this field who are among the best people that I have ever met.

LifeSpan has been capably led for more than 23 years by Izzy Firth, someone whom I have considered a mentor and a friend for most of my professional career, and that mentorship and friendship continues to this very day. The association, through her efforts as well as many many volunteers over the years (too many to name!), is poised for dramatic growth, impact, and success as we begin this next chapter.

There are challenges ahead, to be sure, but I believe we're more than up to the task, because of the leaders who make up LifeSpan's membership and staff, and their willingness to climb big mountains. Because of these leaders, and their vision, I'm again a small part of a great organization, and I couldn't be more excited to be here.

It feels just like coming home again.

Kevin Heffner, President, LifeSpan