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Program Objectives                     

Are you a self-starter?  Interested in healthcare but don't have a schedule that allows you to be in class during the day?  Are you motivated and able to manage your time to get things done? The Beacon Institute's CNA/GNA training program is a six week program which provides both online and in-person instruction.  Learners have the ability to complete the classroom portion on-demand online at their convenience (while meeting learning milestones), with lab and clinical portions in person in Columbia, Maryland.  Upon sucessful completion,graduates will be certified as a nurse assistant, with the knowledge and skills necessary to take the Maryland exam to become a geriatric nurse assistant. 

Class Start Dates (2023)

Class Start Date

Class End Date

January 30, 2023

March 10, 2023

     Application deadline January 16, 2023


 February 20, 2023

March 31, 2023                                    


        Application deadline February 6, 2023                                                              
 March 20, 2023 April 28, 2023
       Application deadline March 6, 2023  
April 17, 2023 May 26, 2023
      Application deadline April 3, 2023  


Requirements for Admission                      

Eligibility to participate in The Beacon Institute, Inc.’s CNA/GNA Training Program  requires the following:

  1. Minimum of 18 years of age
  2. Valid ID (driver’s license or state issued ID; passport; resident alien card)
  3. Social Security number (required by the Maryland Board of Nursing for certification (see
  4. Minimum of high school diploma or high school equivalency (HSE) certificate from an English-based curriculum, or achieving an 8th grade level on an accepted English reading and comprehension test.  (The Beacon Institute, Inc. can administer the Degrees of Reading and Power test; contact the Program Director to schedule)
  5. Criminal background check (criminal convictions may affect a student’s ability to be licensed, certified or registered). For more information on background checks, plese see these FAQs.
  6. $100 registration fee
  7. Health criteria:
  • Proof of physical exam
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination 
  • Proof of current influenza vaccination 
  • Proof of Hepatitis B vaccine (or proof of antibodies)
  • Proof of Negative TB (tuberculosis) test or chest X-ray within 3 months of start date
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds or more from a standing position

Student Tuition and Costs                  

  • Tuition for the Beacon Institute Inc.’s CNA/GNA Training Program  is $1,000.
  • There is a $100 registration fee.
  • Total cost to the student, payable to The Beacon Institute, Inc., is $1,100. 

Additional costs that the student may incur that are not included in tuition or registration costs (these are not fees charged by The Beacon Institute):

  • Criminal background check. For more information on background checks, plese see these FAQs.
  • Uniform (medical scrubs) 
  • White shoes – may be athletic, must be closed toe and no heels
  • Watch with a second hand
  • Stethoscope
  • CNA initial certification application fee of $20 payable to MBON
  • Computer or tablet
  • Internet, transportation, and/or testing required prior to admission
  • CPR certification 
  • GNA exam fee ($130)

Have questions about The Beacon Institute's CNA/GNA training program?

Contact us via email or call 410-381-1176, ext. 240

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