Beacon Institute

As LifeSpan's educational affiliate, The Beacon Institute is the leader in education for senior care and service providers. We provide expert educational programs to professionals, caregivers and providers in support of advancing knowledge across the adult lifespan.  We train thousands annually on critical issues in our own Handelman Conference Center, offer live webinars and on-demand training opportunities, and host the largest annual senior care conference for the Mid-Atlantic region.  Beacon educational offerings cover a wide range of leadership and management, operational, clinical, financial, legal, compliance, regulatory, and best-practice topics.

In-Person Seminars: Explore the Beacon event calendar to view all available educational opportunities. These face-to-face trainings provide opportunities for instructor-led interactive learning, peer support, and networking.  These in-person seminars allow opportunities for instructor-to-learner and learner-to-learner interactions, and for instructors in a small group to provide tailored approaches, answer specific questions and give immediate feedback.

E-learning Courses: Choose from live webinars or on-demand courses. Both opportunities offer you the flexibility of learning on the go, at any time, from anywhere. E-learning offers participants opportunities to access classes throughout the workday to particpate in interactive online education. If you need more flexibility, the continually growing on-demand catalog of courses will fit into your schedule or provide an opportunity to earn the last-minute credits you need.


 The Beacon Institute's Vision: To be the leader in education for care and service providers.

The Beacon Institute's Mission: To provide expert educational programs to professionals, caregivers and providers – advancing knowledge across the adult lifespan.