LifeSpan Products and Services

The mission of LifeSpan Products and Services (LPS) is to create programs to support our members and save them money. Member organizations can tap into better and more predictable pricing by allowing members to act together and leverage buying power. LPS programs focus on critical, sometimes volatile but always necessary products and services such as insurance, food and consulting.

One of the most important goals at LifeSpan is to bring our members affordable, customized products and services that allow you to run a smoother and more efficient operation. Our products and services subsidiary was designed to allow members to leverage their buying power as a part of the larger LifeSpan group, as well as access to cost-effective, quality programs.

Recently, the focus has expanded from traditional group purchasing programs to innovative new programs designed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Our Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Trust, Regulation Retention Services, and our Medicaid cost reporting services are all great examples of how our products and services create innovative solutions to meet our member's specific needs.

LifeSpan membership can save your company time and money in:

For more information on the products and services offered through LPS, please contact Paul Miller, Executive Director of LifeSpan Products and Services.