LifeSpan Health Insurance Program

The LifeSpan Health Insurance Program:
Membership Benefits That Matter

LifeSpan is proud to offer a members-only captive health insurance program through Cigna.  A captive can be a long-term solution to financing and mitigating healthcare costs for your business.  The program, which was formed in partnership with RCM&D, will pool organizations with 50 or more employees together in order to generate more leverage in the health insurance market.  This means better coverage options - usually those only available to larger organizations - for your business.  Benefits of participation include:

  • Profits are returned to the owner members - of which your business is one.
  • Potential savings on premiums.
  • An expanded stop-loss risk pool, replicating the size of a large, self-funded employer.
  • Mitigation of individual underwriting - minimizing the impact of a large claim on future premiums.
  • Working together with similar businesses to help achieve successful results

Want to know more about the member-based LifeSpan Health Insurance Program?  Request more information and learn how you can start enjoying member benefits that matter.