LifeSpan Health Insurance Program

The LifeSpan Health Insurance Program:
Membership Benefits That Matter

LifeSpan is proud to offer a members-only captive health insurance program through Cigna.  A captive can be a long-term solution to financing and mitigating healthcare costs for your business.  The program, which was formed in partnership with RCM&D, will pool organizations with 50 or more employees together in order to generate more leverage in the health insurance market.  This means better coverage options - usually those only available to larger organizations - for your business.  Benefits of participation include:

  • Profits are returned to the owner members - of which your business is one.
  • Potential savings on premiums.
  • An expanded stop-loss risk pool, replicating the size of a large, self-funded employer.
  • Mitigation of individual underwriting - minimizing the impact of a large claim on future premiums.
  • Working together with similar businesses to help achieve successful results

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Join Your Colleagues and Enjoy the Advantages of Being a PPHP Provider      

Provider Partners Health Plans (PPHP) offers a Medicare Advantage Institutional Special Needs Plan (I-SNP) and an Institutional Equivalent Special Needs Plan (IE-SNP) designed specifically for individuals enrolled in Medicare and residing in either a long term care setting or an assisted living environment. During the pandemic, I-SNPs and IE-SNPs have proven valuable by their care model alone, which allows for a higher level of care provided to the resident in the appropriate setting. Often times this means in their home rather than sending them to the hospital, a setting with the possibility of infection and isolation. Through PPHP's financial model, we share the cost savings with our partners as the plan’s advanced practice clinician and resident’s care team provide quality care.  Learn more about the PPHP advantage or contact PPHP for more information.