Medicaid and Medicare Cost Reporting

Lets face it, most of us in the industry don't look forward to Medicaid or Medicare cost reporting. It's complicated, time consuming and tedious.  But get it wrong it can be an real aggravation. Fortunately it doesn't have to be this way. LifeSpan Products and Services offers LifeSpan members Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting services.   Your required reporting will be prepared, reviewed with you, and filed - saving you time and aggravation all while ensuring accuracy and compliance. Paul Miler, CPA, SVP of Operations and Products,  has 25 years of experience in accounting and third-party reimbursement for long-term care providers. Prior to joining LifeSpan, Paul spent 15 years in public accounting consulting on reimbursement engagements. He was the Budget Administrator for the State of Maryland medical care programs and an Audit Supervisor with the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  In Paul's hands your reporting will be quick, painless, and complete.  Contact Paul Miller today to get started. 


"We used to think that we had to use the same firm to do our cost reports that performed our annual audit and prepared our tax return. What we found was that we were able to engage Paul to prepare the cost reports. We expected accurate and timely preparation of the cost reports, as well as an accurate estimate of the settlement amount. What we didn't expect was a consultative element that, among other things, identified exposure for potential audit adjustments. This consultative element added real value to us for the fee that we paid." ~Dennis G. O'Neill, Vice President, Finance / CFO, Sagepoint Senior Services (formerly CCNRC Family of Care)