Offering financial support to those who want to further their training in senior care is central to the mission of The Beacon Institute. With the generous support of Morgan-Keller Construction, Inc. and other organizations, Beacon has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to qualified senior caregivers in the past decade.  These critical funds have allowed caregivers to increase their knowledge and advance in the field of senior care to become LPNs, RNs, and Nursing Home Administrators.

I am committed to my education and the healthcare field, and this grant will give me the opportunity to continue with my educational pursuits and my lifelong dream of earning advanced healthcare skills to be able to better serve our community.  
~ Amanda I., 2019 scholarship recipient

Caregiver Scholarship  Brought to you by 

The Beacon Institute is proud to offer the Caregiver Scholarship Program, with awards made semi-annually each year. Through the generous support of Morgan-Keller Construction, Inc., and other contributions, the scholarship provides cash awards to qualified senior caregivers who are employed in member senior care facilities and wish to continue their education and training. Depending on fund availability, 10-20 awards will be made annually.

Eligibility: Caregivers who are employees in LifeSpan member facilities are eligible to apply for the scholarship program, following the successful completion of temporary or provisional employment. Administrators, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Directors of Nursing and other similarly-titled individuals are encouraged to nominate Geriatric Nurse Assistant staff members for the scholarship program.

Scholarship Amounts: $750 will be awarded to each of the successful applicants, to be used to further their education in any health care field at any accredited community college or university in Maryland or Washington DC. Funds will be paid directly to the college or university of the successful applicant’s choice.

Application Process: All qualified senior caregivers are encouraged to apply. Complete the Caregiver Scholarship Application and forward to: Donna Bonum (, Director of HR /Business Affairs, LifeSpan/Beacon, 10280 Old Columbia Rd., #220, Columbia, MD 21046.

Caregiver Scholarship Application



Emerging Leaders Scholarship       Brought to you by 

The Beacon Institute is proud to introduce the Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program to provide opportunities for emerging leaders to 
participate in either LifeSpan’s Leadership Summit or the Lifespan 2020 Annual Conference who may not be able to do so otherwise. 

Eligibility:  Individual employees in good standing at LifeSpan provider member organizations may apply for a single scholarship per calendar year.  Associate members and non-members are not eligible for scholarships. A letter of recommendation from a supervisor must be included with the application.

Scholarship amounts:  Complimentary registration will be awarded to either the LifeSpan Leadership Summit or Annual conference.  Hotel accomodations will be provided as necessary.

Application process:  Applications for Leadership Summit scholarships are due April 1, 2020.  Applications for scholarships to the LifeSpan Annual conference are due September 1, 2020.

Emerging Leaders Scholarship Application