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12/15/16 Terms for Licensing of Motion Pictures in Senior Communities and Health Care Facilities

12/15/16 License Agreement

Motion Picture Licensing Deal Signed with LifeSpan 
All videos shown publicly by organizations are required by law to obtain a license according to federal copyright law.
LifeSpan members can now take advantage of a 40% discount in the annual licensing fee offer through the Motion Picture Licensing Corp. (MPLC). 
Here's the hook - you must act before December 31st

Thursday evening, November 10, 2016, CMS, through its Quality Technical Support Office, e-mailed a notice to all providers related to PBJ submissions. CMS has addressed several technical questions related to the PBJ submission process and, most notably, has indicated they will accept data submission past the deadline and will not impose penalties for providers that have not met the deadline at this time.  

The CMS message is included below in its entirety.  AHCA has been raising many of the concerns noted in the message on your behalf with CMS. We appreciate that they are starting to address them and will not issue penalties for those who try to submit data.

LifeSpan Network seeks a visionary President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead the organization and build upon its current successes and stellar reputation in the senior care community.

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Electronic submission of staffing data through the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) is required of all Long Term Care Facilities in 2016.  ALL nursing homes are encouraged to register to submit data to prepare to meet this requirement and maintain compliance.

Step 1: Obtain a CMSNet User ID for PBJ Individual, Corporate and Third Party users, if you don’t already have one for other QIES applications (many users may already have this access for MDS submission).
Step 2: Obtain a PBJ QIES Provider ID for CASPER Reporting and PBJ system access.
Training: PBJ Training Modules for an introduction to the PBJ system and step by step registration instruction are available on QTSO e-University, select. More information is available on the PBJ website.