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The University of Maryland School of Nursing and the Penn State College of Nursing invite you to participate in a year-long research project that will help teach your staff how to prevent and manage behavioral problems among your residents while using a wide array of nonpharmacologic approaches, such as optimizing function and physical activity. Learn more about this exciting opportunity.

DHMH results for Pay for Performance (P4P) for the period of 2017, with comparitive historical data.   

A short video demonstrating how CRISP can improve a community's care for its residents.

If your community is one of the many that shows movies in communal areas like an activity room, or on a dedicated closed circuit television channel, LifeSpan Network reminds you that these types of exhibitions require a public performance license to comply with the US Copyright Act.  More



Check out the winners, awards, photos, and recipes from the 2017 Taste of Senior Living

The nomination period for the annual Mayer Handelman award is now open through September 15, 2017.  

The 2018 guidance manual for the OASIS-C2 version of the OASIS data set is available - get it here

Medicaid reimbursement rates and MDS validation audits:  Here's the news from Medicaid.