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The Nursing Assessment Toolkit  provides resources for training direct care staff on how to effectively assess residents for health status, and what changes to look for in an older adult population.  

LifeSpan's President, Kevin Heffner, LifeSpan Public Policy expert, Danna Kauffman and board member Adam Kane (Erickson Living) lunched with Governor Larry Hogan on Tuesday, June 14. The event was a fundraiser, organized by Erickson Living. Lifespan supported the event financially. Photos

The Maryland Health Care Commission’s (MHCC) has released a Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Readiness Tool  to assist small health care organizations in assessing cybersecurity readiness, which is available on MHCC’s website.  

In response to growing cybersecurity concerns, the Maryland Health Care Commission developed a Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Readiness Tool (tool) to assist organizations with assessing cybersecurity readiness.  The tool consists of a series of self-evaluation statements that were developed using elements from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).   Users can select one of three answer choices that best describes their organization’s readiness for meeting best practices addressed by the statement, and calculate a readiness percent to get an overall readiness indicator for their organization.  Results from the tool can help inform organizations about the adequacy of existing cyber protections.  A copy of the tool can be found at:

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5/16/17   Presentations from the 2017 Leadership Summit, held May 16, 2017

12/15/16 Terms for Licensing of Motion Pictures in Senior Communities and Health Care Facilities

12/15/16 License Agreement

Motion Picture Licensing Deal Signed with LifeSpan 
All videos shown publicly by organizations are required by law to obtain a license according to federal copyright law.
LifeSpan members can now take advantage of a 40% discount in the annual licensing fee offer through the Motion Picture Licensing Corp. (MPLC). 
Here's the hook - you must act before December 31st

Thursday evening, November 10, 2016, CMS, through its Quality Technical Support Office, e-mailed a notice to all providers related to PBJ submissions. CMS has addressed several technical questions related to the PBJ submission process and, most notably, has indicated they will accept data submission past the deadline and will not impose penalties for providers that have not met the deadline at this time.  

The CMS message is included below in its entirety.  AHCA has been raising many of the concerns noted in the message on your behalf with CMS. We appreciate that they are starting to address them and will not issue penalties for those who try to submit data.

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