Nursing Facility Connectivity Program

Through an award from the State of Maryland,  skilled nursing facilities in Maryland can now access technology designed to help them prioritize patient care, automate prevention and surveillance programs, and reduce preventable hospital admissions or readmissions - all at no cost and no additional work on the part of the facility.

CRISP, Maryland's Health Information Exchange (HIE), has partnered with Real Time Medical Systems to offer the Nursing Facility Connectivity Program.  This program, which provides data integration through its Clinical Analytics Module and Clinical Technical Assistance Program, is offered at no cost to Maryland's skilled nursing facilities.  Designed by nursing facilities for nursing facilities, the Clinical Analytics Module accesses live data within each facilities electronic medical record to analyze and identify subtle changes in resident conditions so that those residents at risk of a change in condition - which could lead to hospitalization or readmission - can be prioritzed and monitored.

Using interventional analytics, your facility can:

  • Access live data on patients to prioritze care and avoid adverse events
  • Monitor and identify high risk patients to reduce preventable hospitalizations/readmissions
  • Automate disease surveillance and antibiotic stewardship
  • Access patient data across healthcare provider types to improve care transitions
  • Improve facility performance, quality measures, and patient outcomes

In addition to access to data analytics in real time, the Nursing Facility Connectivity Program provides a Clinical Technical Assistance Coordinator to each facility.  Each Coordinator - a registered nurse - monitors your facilities data and coordinates with designated points of contact on care coordination.  This second set of eyes for your faciity enables early interventions  for your residents ... and improved care outcomes, satisfaction, quality measures and partner referrals. 

Learn more about how the free Nursing Facility Connectivity Program can benefit your skilled nursing facility, your residents, and senior care in Maryland.  


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