Executive Leadership Institute


The aging services field is undergoing tremendous change. Payment reform, changing consumer preferences, and deteriorating utilization ratesforcertain services are just some of the factors contributing to this perfect storm of transformation. At the same time, the demographic wave is creating almost exponential opportunity. Providers that become complacent will be lost in the storm, while those that deploy discipline, focus, andexecution in their effort to develop strategy and innovation will survive and become stronger in the process.  

By harnessing its extensive experience in education and training, LifeSpan Network and The Beacon Institute have launched the Executive Leadership Institute (ELI), a series of courses designed to address these issues for current and emerging leaders in the field.  The ELI is designed to give aging-services providers superlative education in strategy and innovation for all levels of leadership, including:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Clinical Officers
  • Nurse Leaders

Designed to be flexible and convenient, these courses are offered in-person, via livestream, and on-demand.  Courses are taught by industry leaders and experts in their field and are designed so that both new and emerging leaders have access to the training they need to take their strategy, development, and innovation management to the next level. 

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