Person Centered Pilot Training: Best Practices in Dementia Care

This two-part project will pilot the nationally recognized CARES® Dementia Basics & Advanced Care™ online training program in Maryland. The CARES® training incorporates the national Alzheimer’s Association’s evidence-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residences and Nursing Homes. 

The Beacon Institute will implement this project, with the support of the Virginia I. Jones Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Council. We will recruit twelve nursing homes in Baltimore City and Charles County to participate in the project. With funding from a separate grant, we will implement the training in assisted living facilities in Charles County. Nursing home and assisted living staff who complete the training will be eligible to take two online exams (for basics and advanced) at the conclusion of each training program to become certified by the national Alzheimer’s Association in essentiALZ® and essentiALZ® Plus certifications.

As a result of this grant, 120 staff from skilled nursing and assisted living facilities received training from the HCI CARES® Basic program, and achieved Basic certifaction from the Alzheimer's Association in the essentiALZ® program.   An additional 84 staff went on to receive advanced CARES® training and pass the essentiALZ® Plus certifcation exam.