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The MOLST Awareness Project Phase 2 is a continuation and expansion of the Institute’s successful Certified MOLST Master Trainer Project/MOLST Awareness project.  Phase 2 continues to educate Marylanders about advance care planning, and about the importance of Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST), and additionally addresses the need for MOLST education for health care professionals as well as the public. TBI’s Certified MOLST Master Trainers (CMMTs) will conduct a minimum of 10 educational programs for health care professionals and 20 programs designed for the public at large.


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Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

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LifeSpan and The Beacon Institute are partnering with OHCQ to raise awareness and increase the use of the MOLST form. We have certified trainers ready to train your facility staff, residents, resident's family or target group with a free MOLST presentation. To schedule a training, please click HERE. To learn more, see below:

What is MOLST and why is it important?
The MOLST form translates your wishes as a patient into medical orders. It’s completed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, and it’s important because it helps to assure that health care professionals will provide only the treatments that you wish to receive.

Why should you have a MOLST form? 
The MOLST form gives you more control over your care and increases the likelihood that your wishes regarding life­sustaining treatments will be honored.

How does one complete a MOLST form? 
MOLST forms can be found HERE. Primary care physicians should keep a copy of the patient’s MOLST form in the individual’s medical record and encourage patients to bring the MOLST form with them to all medical appointments or emergencies.

How does a MOLST form differ from an advance directive? 
An advance directive is something one completes for a hypothetical, future medical condition and/or to choose someone to make health care decisions. An advance directive is not a medical order, and so it cannot take the place of a MOLST form.

Are you interested in learning more about MOLST? 
Certified MOLST Master Trainers (CMMTs) are available to help navigate the form. They are also available to present to consumers and families, professionals and advocates about every competent individual’s right to make decisions to accept, limit, or decline medical interventions. Attend a CMMT program to better understand the MOLST form.

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