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7/1/16 - PBJ (Payroll-Based Journal) Reporting Deadline

Electronic submission of staffing data through the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) is required of all Long Term Care Facilities in 2016.  ALL nursing homes are encouraged to register to submit data to prepare to meet this requirement and maintain compliance.

Step 1: Obtain a CMSNet User ID for PBJ Individual, Corporate and Third Party users, if you don’t already have one for other QIES applications (

5/24/16 - Leadership Summit: Transforming Healthcare and Partnering for Success

2/9/16 - Montgomery County Hospitals and Post-Acute Roundtable

12/15/15 - Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC)

1. Expands Advisory Council to Include Senior Care, Physicians, Insurers; and
2. Revises Charge for 2016

12/10/15 - An Update from OHCQ to LifeSpan

1/1/15-2015 Leadership Summit

Cross Continuum Partnership Models:  What Maryland Can Learn From The National Lab

6/5/14 - 2014 CEO IT Summit